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This Page is intended to provide knowledge on various Oracle DBA concepts in the form of videos. I have uploaded all those videos in YOUTUBE and sharing the links here in this page

Note: All videos are recorded in my practice machine and should be tested before implementing in prod or any other critical environments

Installing VMWare 7 workstation on Windows 7 platform

Installing OEL 4.7 on vmware

Installing vmware tools on OEL 4.7

Installing 10g on OEL 4.7

Installing 11gR2 on OEL 4.7

Applying patchset or Upgrading database from to

Installing OEL 7.2 on vmware

Installing Oracle on Oracle Linux 7.2

Applying PSU on Oracle 12c Database

Installing Oracle Linux 6.4 64-bit on vmware

Installing Oracle on Oracle Linux 7.3

81 Responses to “Video Tutorials”

  1. nagesh said

    Hi pavan, I am looking to upgrade my Oracle skills, I am confused between oracle Apps DBA, oracle Apps Technical and OBIEE. On which of these platforms can i upgrade for the better future or I also having a thought on taking Golden Gate. please suggest me.

  2. Srikanth Reddy B said

    Hi sir, I am working in MNC on different platform.
    My goal is to work on administration can I learn now.

  3. Pradeep said

    Hi Pavan ,

    Can you please share me the new batch details .


  4. Prakash Badhani said

    I Pavan sir i want to learn oracle dba .But i have one doubt before learning I am BA Student.But i heard lots of my friends If you are BCA,MCA student then you can get success.Please assist me Pavan. what should i do ??

  5. Oracle Core DBA Online Training is Offering at Glory IT Technologies. Our Online Trainiing is mostely hands on bases. Which will help students to learn Oracle DBA 11g Architecture such as backup ,recovery,database installation and trouble shooting performance issues. Extra topics also covered to help students get comfortable with Linux. Glory IT Technologies have Real Time Professionals in every Oracle Technologies

  6. khadeer said

    Pavan,Pls let me there any fast track stuff @ DBA Talent,am runing short of time,pls suggest.thanks.shayam

  7. santhosh p said

    Hi Sir,

    i am santhosh now am working as an oracle Database administrator, recently i got the another opportunity on “database testing”. Is it fine to switch?
    and what is the difference b/w oracle DBA & database testing.

    • Pavan DBA said

      database testing is more like checking whether your database can with standby the transactions that are incoming, load analysis etc. you can take this chance as it will enhance your resume

  8. shama syed said

    hi sir… my passout btech batch is 2012.. i want to learn dba.. can u help me out? and can i know what is the relation between linux and dba??

  9. janakiram said


    i already learned MS SQL DBA and i have sound knowledge in that …now i got a opportunity as a oracle i want to learn oracle dba course ..what is the major difference between MS SQL DBA & oracle DBA…

    • Pavan DBA said

      administartion wise it will be same. but architecture wise it is completely different. if u r learning oracle, then u should first unlearn sql server when attending training

  10. vamsi said

    Sir i am vamsi ,I want to become a Database Administrator.. would you please tell me what courses i have to learn.

  11. Sable Shekhar said

    Sir whom do you preferred the most Apps DBA or Core DBA for good future

  12. vetrivel R said

    Hi pavan,

    This is vetrivel from banglore.. acutaly i had 4 years of exp with system admin.. can you please help me out switch over as a DBA..even i dont know where i have to start with this please guide me…

  13. sudhakar said

    Hi sir,
    I’am MCA graduate 2009 batch,i had learned DBA 2011 at kanna technologies.After that some reasons doing some marketing job. i’am not satisfy with marketing jobs, is there any possibility to change my platform in to DBA.Please suggest me.

  14. printeshkumar T Patel said

    hi sir my name is printesh patel i done my ocp in 2012 now i want to upgrade my certification to 12c can i directly give the exam without submitting hand on course

  15. rama koteswara rao said

    Hi Expert
    I heard about u from my friends, I have done my , I am working as manual tester in very small organization I love database concepts since my what are the prerequisites to learn DBA .
    I want to enroll online training.

    Could you please give me the details regarding course

  16. Tekslate said is the Industry leader in providing Oracle Apps DBA Training across the globe. Our online training methodology focus on hands on experience of Oracle Apps DBA.

    To Attend Free Demo (Or) For any Queries Write to us at:
    USA :- +1 415-830-3823, India :- 91 954-262-2288

  17. mindmajix said

    Mindmajix is unique in providing Oracle Apps DBA training which emphasize on hands on experience with examples from real-time scenarios by experts. For free demo please visit :

  18. pawan said

    hi pavan,

    please suggest some books to learn performance tuning (local author).

  19. Siva said

    hi could you please upload putty connection documnets

  20. ja said

    you seem not talking in video but can see what you are doing

  21. uday said

    1) what are database shutdown modes and after shutdown dbase then database come to which mountmode?
    2) connect two servers which command using in unix level?

  22. Krishna said

    I’m pursuing 2nd year…and working as a contract engineer in DRDO organisation. But my interest at DBA since my…I have possible timing from 7:00PM onwards everyday because of my present job…can you please suggest me the way to learn DBA..

  23. ashish niranjan said

    Hello Pavan sir ,

    I have learned full Oracle 10g (sql & pl/sql).I have good knowledge in sql & pl/sql, but i am not an expert as i do not have any real time work experience.So, tell me how to improve more in database.Really need help to crack Oracle Interviews for TOP MNCs.Need your guidance for inetrviews. Willing to learn also Oracle DBA. please tell me how i will get update with current going situations for database in world business.
    please help me as i am struggling a lot for searching a job for core oracle sql,pl/sql work.



  24. Chandra Deo said

    Hi Pavan ,
    I work as Oracle Developer and have some experience in DBA activity(export/import DB,Schema), performace tuning and would like to move in DBA line. Could please guide me, where and how to start to become a good DBA. I have good knowledge of Oracle Database.

  25. naveen said

    Hello pavan
    i am taking 11g classes and our current topic performance tuning going on ,it is bit confusing to me se please suggest books for 11g beginners

  26. chinmoy said

    Hi Pavan,

    Please read my explanation & correct me if is there any wrong steps.

    The details is given below,

    Sqlplus scott/tiger@mandb

    SQL>select * from emp;

    SQL>update emp set salary=10000 where empid=5;


    1. sqlplus command is fired, the user process (client) access sqlnet litener.
    2. sqlnet listener confirms that database is open & creates a server process.
    3. server process allocates PGA into memory. Each server process has its
    own PGA area, PGA contains data & control information of server process.
    PGA ( Private Sql area & Session Memory ).
    4. ‘Connected’ message returned to user.
    5. select * from emp;
    6. select statement is parsed into shared pool ( library cache & data dictionary
    cache) , this is called hard parse because the select statement is not already
    present in shared pool. An executable code is generated for select statement
    in shared pool. Server process got the all necessary information for select
    statement before fetch.
    7. server process takes the data from data file , loads into the buffer cache, puts
    into the most recently used(MRU) area & gives the data to the client via PGA.
    8. update emp set salary=10000 where empid=5;
    9. Before update statement , I want to say that empid=5 has a salary=8000
    10. update statement is parsed & executed in shared pool.
    11. server process checks( via PGA) buffer cache for data is available or not.
    12. In our case data is available in buffer cache.
    13. So data is updated into buffer cache with new salary i.e., 10000 & keep
    old copy i.e., 8000 into undo blocks for rollback.
    14. update is placed into redo log buffer.
    15. row updated message returned to client via Server Process(via PGA).
    16. commit;
    17. server process sends a commit to redo log buffer , a SCN is assigned.
    18. LGWR process writes redo buffer contents to current online redo log
    file on disk.
    19. CKPT process updates the header of all control files with new SCN.
    It signals DBWR to write modified blocks (dirty blocks) from buffer
    cache to data file on disk.
    20. commit complete message return to user.
    21. DBWR process writes modified blocks from buffer cache to data file
    on disk & CKPT updates header of the data file with new SCN.
    22. Undo data blocks associated with this transaction are released from
    Buffer cache.
    23. exit

  27. Hi Pavan, I’ve installed oracle10g on Linux-rhel4 through VMWARE-6.5 sucessfully but while creating database manually & connecting to sqlplus its asking for username & password. if I give username sys as sysdba & password as whatever I created while creating d database, but its showing Error as Insufficient Privileges. So how to solve dis Error. Plz Can u help me out on dis….

    • Pavan DBA said

      have u tried with below command?
      sqlplus / as sysdba

      if still getting same error, it means ur unix username is not part of DBA group. check that using “id” command of unix.

  28. uday said

    Hi pavan sir,
    I have got an interview question recentely from cts which is is in 11gR2 if we do not configure FAL_CLIENT & FAL_SERVER who is going to fill archives gap fill at standby?

    I said it is mandatory but he said FAL_CLIENT & FAL_SERVER Is optional in 11gR2 and 12c also for this what we need to tell for this sir? could u plz help me this answer

    I am waiting for ur best answer sir………

    • Pavan DBA said

      a part of it is correct. fal_client was deprecated from 11gr2 onwards. but still fal_server is there. u need to mention that.

      • uday said

        Hi sir,
        Awsome sir.I thougt it both are depricated. thanks for ur information. Suppose if we configure FAL_SERVER on standby side, without FAL_CLIENT how archve gap fill? i mean who is going to take the responsibility intimate to RFS from Primary? i got confusing plz tell me how it works……………..

      • Pavan DBA said

        it is FAL process itself.

  29. chava said

    how to find the schema information inside the dumpfile without imprting and i dont have logfile also…..

  30. Shakeer Hussain said

    Hi Pavan,

    I had seen, you have been clarifying doubts of most here. Well going Sir, Keep it up.
    I wish you a very a happy and developing career in your life.

    With Best Regards

    Shakeer Hussain.S

  31. Rajan said

    Went through the discussions (queries / reply ) it’s an excellent job.

    Hope to get some better solution for my query ….aswell

    I m planning to do oracle dba … attended couple of classes , the problem i’m facing is not able to understand it thoroughly in the class may be its a new area to me / some more reasons… I tried with video learning(youtube etc) i found its effective .. But they are not systematic / planned properly from basic to advanced .. do you have any such CBT with Lab sessions for oracle dba from basic to advanced….?


  32. sir,
    in my database…i practised rman..$rman catalog rm/rm target sys/sys@oradb1….execute this cmd at catalog it shows some errores …how to solve that type of errores
    rman-00554:initialization of internal recovery manager package failed
    rman-04004:error message stack fallowes
    it showes that type of errores..
    could you please tell me how to solve errores

  33. ramu said

    hello please upload rac installation on unix. please….

  34. aamir said

    Hello sir,

    Will u please upload 11g manual installation on vmware?

  35. Ankur said

    Hi Pavan,
    I’m an OCP(10g) and want to learn Oracle Apps, can you please share some good video tutorials.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.


  36. ram said

    could u pls uploaded abt rac installations.pls……….

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