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script to check INACTIVE sessions with HIGH DISK IO

Posted by Pavan DBA on July 1, 2012

To check INACTIVE sessions with HIGH DISK IO


select p.spid,s.username, s.sid,s.status,t.disk_reads, s.last_call_et/3600 last_call_et_Hrs,
s.action,s.program,s.machine cli_mach,s.process cli_process,lpad(t.sql_text,30) “Last SQL”
from gv$session s, gv$sqlarea t,v$process p
where s.sql_address =t.address and
s.sql_hash_value =t.hash_value and
p.addr=s.paddr and
t.disk_reads > 5000
and s.status=’INACTIVE’
and s.process=’1234′
order by S.PROGRAM;

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