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Resolving ORA-19588: archived log recid stamp is no longer valid

Posted by Pavan DBA on January 18, 2011

Sometimes you may find the following error in RMAN archive backup or online backup logfile

ORA-19588: archived log recid 24909 stamp 740658206 is no longer valid

This is not an error but a warning. The reason for this is archive logfile which this process is trying to take backup, is already been backed up by another process and file is deleted

This situation will occur if both archive backup job and full database backup (including archives) are executing at same time or two archive backup jobs executing at same time.

So to avoid this we have two ways

1. If you want to run a manual backup, just check whether any other RMAN backups are in execution phase. you can do this by

[oracle@viadbscph014 logs]$ ps -ef | grep rman

If any backup process is running, you will see a similar output as below

[oracle@viadbscph014 logs]$ ps -ef | grep rman
root      3022  3015  0 00:15 ?        00:00:00 su – oracle -c ?ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0?export ORACLE_HOME?ORACLE_SID=dwh2?export ORACLE_SID?/opt/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/bin/rman target / nocatalog msglog /opt/oracle/admin/DWH2/backup/logs/online_backup_20110118.out append << EOF?RUN {?ALLOCATE CHANNEL ch00 TYPE sbt PARMS=’ENV=(NB_ORA_SCHED=Default-Application-Backup,NB_ORA_CLIENT=viadbscph014)’;?ALLOCATE CHANNEL ch01 TYPE sbt PARMS=’ENV=(NB_ORA_SCHED=Default-Application-Backup,NB_ORA_CLIENT=viadbscph014)’;?BACKUP?    INCREMENTAL LEVEL=0?    SKIP INACCESSIBLE?    FILESPERSET 5?    # recommended format?    FORMAT ‘bk_%s_%p_%t_%U’?    DATABASE;?    sql ‘alter system archive log current’;?RELEASE CHANNEL ch00;?RELEASE CHANNEL ch01;?# backup all archive logs?ALLOCATE CHANNEL ch00 TYPE sbt PARMS=’ENV=(NB_ORA_SCHED=Default-Application-Backup,NB_ORA_CLIENT=viadbscph014)’;?ALLOCATE CHANNEL ch01 TYPE sbt PARMS=’ENV=(NB_ORA_SCHED=Default-Application-Backup,NB_ORA_CLIENT=viadbscph014)’;?BACKUP?   filesperset 20?   FORMAT ‘al_%s_%p_%t_%U’?   ARCHIVELOG ALL DELETE INPUT;?  # ARCHIVELOG ALL;?RELEASE CHANNEL ch00;?RELEASE CHANNEL ch01;?#?# Note: During the process of backing up the database, RMAN also backs up the?# control file.  This version of the control file does not contain the?# information about the current backup because nocatalog has been specified.?# To include the information about the current backup, the control file should?# be backed up as the last step of the RMAN section.  This step would not be?# necessary if we were using a recovery catalog.?#?ALLOCATE CHANNEL ch00 TYPE sbt PARMS=’ENV=(NB_ORA_SCHED=Default-Application-Backup,NB_ORA_CLIENT=viadbscph014)’;?BACKUP?    # recommended format?    FORMAT ‘cntrl_%s_%p_%t_%U’?    CURRENT CONTROLFILE;?    sql ‘alter database backup controlfile to trace’;?    sql “alter database backup controlfile to ”/opt/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/dbs/dwh2_backup_controlfile.ctl” reuse”;??RELEASE CHANNEL ch00;?}?EOF?
Note: Output may differ. In my case RMAN backup is initiated through Netbackup tool

2. Don’t schedule archive backup job during full database backup (including archivelog). Always make sure you have only one RMAN backup in process

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