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Database cloning using cold backup

Posted by Pavan DBA on November 13, 2009

The following are the steps for performing database cloning using cold backup

Assumptions : You are using Linux flavour OS and following same directory structure

1. Take the cold backup of source database

2. Take controlfile trace and pfile or spfile (that was using by the source database)

3. Install Oracle software on another machine (choose “Install only” option in OUI). Don’t create any database

4. Copy all the files (including trace file and pfile or spfile) from source server to target server either using FTP or rcp

5. Place pfile or spfile in “dbs” directory on target

6. Copy the remaining files to their respective locations (If any directories are missing, do create them)

7. Open bash_profile file and set ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID

8. Connect as sysdba and Startup the database

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