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Recommended Books

please read the following guides for attaining ultimate knowledge (for 11g release 2)
a. concepts
b. administrator’s guide
c. 2 day DBA
d. utilities
e. backup and recovery basics
f. backup and recovery advanced user’s guide
g. performance tuning guide
h. 2 day+ performance tuning guide
i. oracle clusterware and oracle RAC administration and deployment guide
j. 2 day+ RAC guide
k. Data Guard Concepts and Administration
l. Data guard broker

2. Expert Oracle Database Architecture 9i and 10g programming techniques – by Thomas Kyte (apress publications)

3. Expert Oracle 10g/11g Administration – by Sam R Alapati (apress publications)

4. Oracle 9i/10g/11g DBA Handbook – Oracle press (Tata Mcgrahill in India)

5. Oracle Insights – by Thomas Kyte (apress publications)

6. Oracle Tuning – by Donald K Burleson (rampant books)

7. Oracle Dataguard – by Bipul Kumar (rampant books)

8. Oracle 10g Grid & RAC – by Mike Ault & Madhu Tumma (rampant books)

9. RMAN Recipes for Oracle database 10g – by Darl Kuhn, Sam R Alapati and Arup Nanda (Apress publications)

10. Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs – Darl Kuhn, Charles Kim and Bernard Lpouz (Apress publications)

11. Oracle Database 11g, A Beginner’s Guide  – By Ian Abramson, Michael Abbey, Michael J. Corey (Oracle press)

12. Oracle Db 10G Rman Backup & Recovery – by Matthew Hart and Robert G.Freeman (Oracle press)

13. Pro Oracle database 10g RAC on Linux – By Julian Dyke, Steve Shaw (Apress publications)

14. Oracle 10g RAC: grid, services & clustering – By Murali Vallath (Digital Press)

15. Oracle Database 10g Linux administration By Edward Whalen (Oracle press)


17.Oracle Privacy Security Auditing by Arup nanda and Donald Burleson (rampant books)

165 Responses to “Recommended Books”

  1. Janet said

    Is there an update for 12c?

  2. hashim khan said

    Iam 2014 pass out. iam not good at coding, do u think i can do this oracle dba. iam very tensed for ma future and iam unable to decided as in whats the best career option. Is it advisable to keep fake experience in oracle. can you plz help me with this.
    I would be great full to you if you can let me know about it.

  3. venkatakrishnareddy bhadduri said

    so pls provide links for syntax in oracle like show user,list of table space,descv$ datafile like .all syntax and uses

  4. PJ said

    Hi Pavan,

    For a beginner Oracle dba guy which book you gone advice?
    what book you gone advice for day to day Oracle DBA activities?

    thanks in advance.

  5. Vipul said

    Hi sir
    Sir i wants to get the book of RMAN which has prefessional practical knowledge and all basic commands used in RMAN and also have the real time activity. So please suggest me which book should follow.

  6. Sulata Panda said

    hello sir,
    I am Sulata Panda , working as Computer engineer in a steel plant and my platform is in ERP.
    I have all the data base access and I wanted to be a DBA so that I can swich to software line. So colud you please guide me how to do and the best possible ways……Waiting for your early response.

  7. Diksha said

    I’m in 2nd year B.Tech-CSE, I wish to give DBA certification exam but do not know where to start my studies from. It would be very kind of you if you could suggest me some books to begin with.

  8. rakesh said

    Is OCA, OCP certificate helpful to getting job. is that necessary.

  9. Syamkumar said

    Hi Pavan

    This is Syamkumar now i m working as pl/sql developer , i want to be DBA , i m in confusion of choosing path like ORALCE DBA OR oracle apps dba .

    which is best choice oralce dba ? or oracle apps dba ? . or both should learn ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  10. Great Blog. Find my blog on :

  11. D.Imran said

    Hi, This is Imran I need basic Interview Question for Oracle 11g dba…please send me the interview question …. this is my mail id

  12. vivek said

    Sir i am just fresher (BE) having knolg of C C & looking job in IT
    can i require to learn more or directly go 4 interviews also should i go to consultancy or onlin job portal
    Sir Plz reply to my email, i need your guidance….

  13. Kumar said

    Hi Pavan,
    I had seen you blog on the Oracle DBA which is very simple and easily understandable but I am beginner for DBA and I am from database develpedment background and I am planning to shift to DBA professional so kindly can you provide any material which you had written since I had seen many articles on DBA but I am not understanding. Please provide material to my mail id :

  14. Ahmed said

    HellOoo Sir,
    I’m new one with oracle i just have basic information . . i want to become professional with this field , ,kindly may u give me what is the first point i should follow , and which is the best book for me to improve myself from zero . . . I’m looking to see your reply.
    Thank you.

  15. Priyanka said

    Hello Sir,
    I have knowledge of sql. I am looking forward to do oracle 11g: sql fundamentals certification. Kindly help with the books to be followed.
    Thank you.

  16. Tekson IT said

    Great Information admin thanks For Your Information and Any body wants
    learn Oracle ADF through Online for Details Please go through the Link

    Best Online Oracle ADF Training by IT Professional Trainers

    This Will Helps you aalot.

  17. nitin said

    i have completed science) in 2013 and done oracle dba10g course with ocp certification but i am not getting job still.
    How i improve my database knowledge and what is important topics for fresher dba in industry can u list the topics so i will improve my knowledge.

  18. nitin said

    I have completed science) in 2013 and dba course and ocp certification but still i m not getting job.Please suggest me solution or improve my knowledge on database.Can i get fresher dba jobs in company.

  19. Madhvesh said

    Hi Pawan

    I am madhvesh from delhi, I often read your blog for oracle DBA topic.
    presently i am working as oracle DBA but now i want to move as oracle Apps DBA
    kindly suggest me how can i learn oracle Apps DBA.

    please kindly suggest me..

    Thanks in advance..

  20. gaurav said

    Hey Pavan,

    I have completed OCP in oracle 10g. But i want to go to oracle apps DBA side. Can you please me some books or concerned training.


  21. Niranjan said

    Hi Pavan,

    I am not having any knowledge on DBA, however i am more interested in learning the performance tuning of query(s)…can you please help to achieve my interest.
    Secondly, You can direct me to right book/blog on Oracle hints in detailed.

    Thanks in adv…


  22. Nitesh bhardwaj said


    sir I am Nitesh from Chandigarh.I have completed in 2013 and done 6 month training in oracle 10g… Now I am looking for a job in database field, So how can i start my career as a fresher in database field……. pls tell me I am very upset about my career.waj

  23. manoj said

    hi sir,
    I am manoj from new delhi. i completed bca in 2004 and since then i have been working in bpo. i want to move to database. i have basic unix and sql knowledge. please advise should i go for database and my chances of getting of jobs after such long duration. I have checked my job portals, they only requires experience people.

  24. Samir Feddy said

    Hi pavan,
    I am new to Oracle Database. I have been reading famous book “Expert Oracle Database Architecture” by Thomas kyte. At page no. 62 he has said that “This dedicated server process is not (by definition) part of the instance.”
    But in the documentations at almost most of the places they have mentioned that dedicated server is part of an instance. Interestingly Tom Kyte has coauthored book. I got confused because Dedicated server process would also have PGA so it will be part of Memory so it should be part of instance. So has Tom Kyte said for that particular dedicated process and why? He must have said that with some reason? What is that?
    I have also asked my trainer. But I didn’t get satisfactory answer.

    • Pavan DBA said

      Hi Samir,

      server process is not part of the instance. it resides on RAM(memory), but will not be inside instance. (there will be many such processes which runs outside of instance)

      simple to say, if RAM is like a box of storage, inside that instance, server process etc are its articles.

      don’t know if this clarified your question, but anything still left out, please reply.

  25. Dileep said

    Dear Pavan,

    I suppose to do certification on Oracle 11g,Can you please mail me the OCA Dumps.


  26. Ankit Kahn said

    Hello Sir,

    I am preparing for 1z0-050 exam. Which documents should I refer in order to prepare for the exam.
    Your guidance would be invaluable.
    Thank you for your efforts.

    Ankit Kahn

  27. Saurav said

    Hi Pavan sir

    Recently came across your Site. First of all…Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and helping out lots of People in DBA field…Really you doing a great Job.Hats Off to you…

    As i am new in Oracle field,Sir Can you suggest me how to backup and recovery procedures Step by step if I try these in my Own machine where I have created a database…
    Thanks & regards,

  28. Babu Raj said

    Dear sir,I am babu from chennai
    How possible to get a job(oracle DBA) without experience? because most requirement for experienced candidates.
    I am MCA fresher and completed DBA course and
    Now am I searching job.

  29. sasmita said

    Hey pavan

    I am sasmita i want to do oracle dba dataguard and rac course online with practice with real life enviroment.Do you provide any vertual lab,server etc..

  30. gsrao said

    can you 4rd the user guide of the doc’s on export/import and data pump..?

  31. yogi said

    Hi Pavan
    i just want to ask one question i am having 6 years of gap and i completed training on both apps and core and done certfication also so did i need to any real time things or i can go for interviews plz suggest

  32. hima said

    hi pavan,
    thax 4 ur post in blog

  33. harsh malik said

    hi pavan…..i am graduate in bsc math. science from delhi university….honestly i ruined my career and still i am fresher @23…….i want to become top dba in oracle and having interest in this field…… tell the way to start ( any beginner’s course and training , i want to start with pure beginning in database field )

    my email id is :……….plz reply me on my email id

  34. Vaishraj said


    1) Can you recommend a good book(concise and easy to understand) for Oracle 11g RAC concepts and administration
    2) Good Oracle Apps DBA and training for Oracle Financials in Hyderabad.


    • Pavan DBA said


      1. rac, i suggest to go for oracle documentation. i have specified how to access it in my blog itself.
      2. for apps dba i am not sure as i dnt have apps dba knowledge.

  35. surendra said

    hi pavan sir,

    can u tel me which process is responsible for validating a user ?

    can u tel me if i issue

    $ sqlplus scott/tiger@orcl

    what happen in background?


    • Pavan DBA said

      PMON is the responsible process to do authentication of user. when user issues above cmd, pmon will verify for user existence in data dictionary tables and nce verification is successful, it will allow user to connect

  36. arun said

    hello sir, this is arun from delhi..kanna technologies should open there branch in delhi..delhi lacks a good quality institute. I am looking forward for kanna tech to open branch in delhi..many well known institutes from hyd, banglore etc are and have opened branch’s in delhi. Although there is an open for online classes but i believe there is no substitute of classroom training. I really enjoy ur blog. Its really great piece of work. I am into hardware, networking (mcse, ccna) and handled bit of database oracle 9i..can i switch to oracle dba or app dba. Few of my friends have guided me as my previous experience might help my cause or seen as an added advantage. what do u suggest sir..

    • Pavan DBA said

      your suggestion is welcome, but due to location constraints we are not moving to open new branches. regarding your question, yes you can switch to oracle dba without any issues. thanks for your comments on my blog

  37. akash said

    Hello sir,
    rite now i am in final year(information technology) and i wanna make my carrier as a oracle i have some questions:
    1.which version should i choose (9i / 10g /11g) to get oca certs?
    2.How to prepare for certs?( book or online material / dumps)
    3.series of certs for future and better growth?


    • Pavan DBA said

      1. it should be 11g. 9i and 10g are out of market now
      2. yes. I have already recommended books in my blog. you can follow them and you need to have good hands on
      3. first OCA and OCP would be enough

  38. playpiyush said

    please send me rman backup recovery and patching cloning documents with real time commands

    • Pavan DBA said

      rman backup n recovery scenarios you can get it from google.
      patching and cloning docs are already there in my blog’s “important docs” page. please check out

  39. Debasis said

    Hi Pavan,

    I am looking forward to start a DBA career in Oracle. Would like to understand if Linux (RHCE) cert. is required as a prequisite/advantage for OCA or can it be done latter. Also would like to know the good training inst. for DBA in hyd.
    Kindly suggest.


    • Pavan DBA said

      Linux certification is not at all req for dba. we need to learn only commands of linux and some shell scripting.
      if u wish you can join kanna technologies where i am training people on DBA. details are there in my blog

  40. pravin said

    dear sir,this is pravin,how to get job easily as a oracle dba,i have 3 yrs of work exp,… i m on banch so want to switch…..
    which type of question they will ask in interview round….

    • Pavan DBA said

      getting a job easy is only when you have good knowledge on high end topics like upgrade, cloning, patching, migration, tuning, dataguard and rac. so prepare well in these areas… all the best

  41. pravin said

    hi sir
    send me the rman step by step detail…

  42. Narendra said

    Hi Pavan,
    This is Narendra.i am very happy to join ur blog.Thank You.

  43. ramesh said

    hi pavan sir,

    can u send me the step by step oracle 10g RMAN BACKUP,How to take? and How to recover ? document for me?

  44. here said

    Hi sir good evening,

    just gone thru your blog, honestly, u r doing a commendable job. i like your concept of sharing knowledge. the world needs more people like u. wishing you the very best in all your endeavors. keep up the good work.

  45. gouthamk10 said

    i recently started learning oracle apps dba .i wanted to install oracle e-business suite 12.1.1. on OEL 5.5.can you please give steps to download and install e-business suite.


  46. jaspreet matharu said

    Hi pawan,,

    I passed out my graduation as a BCA in the year 2011 and completed my oracle dba 10g training and certifications(oca and ocp from pearson) , believe me on this that I throwed my heart out for seaching my first job as a dba but hopelessly today I am a employer in some bpo(call center). so please telll me that when should I again start my search in dba profiles , I mean to say that how much experience should I get in th bpo so as to avail me the dba post in IT industry.

  47. Amol said

    Hi Pavan,
    Your all published DB artical are excellent and easy to understand to any person.But,still you are not published doc regarding “Patchset”
    so please publish the same and also i want to join the apps dba and RAC course.mail me all the details at

    • Pavan DBA said

      Hi Amol,

      thanks for your comments first of all…

      Surely I will take your suggestion and will post an article in next week. I have sent mail reg the course details.

  48. uday said

    Hello !

    Iam 2010 pass out working as an Analyst can i show up this experience as DBA. iam not good at coding, do u think i can do this oracle dba. My parents are very tensed for ma future and iam unable to decided as in whats the best career option. Is it advisable to keep fake experience since i dont have good academics. can you plz help me with this.
    I would be great full to you if you can let me know about it.


  49. Janardhannaidu.narra said

    Hi pavansir this jana i am 2007 passout how can i apply jr dba sir

  50. Preethi Singh Thakur said

    Hi pavan,

    Just gone through your blog, it contains very good information.

    It is useful to all.

    PLease Help me in out:

    I want to perform the Upgradation of to on linux x86-64bit Server.
    We are using RAC Database with two Node cluster (csdb1 and csdb2).

    PLease send me Step by step procedure to perform upgradation with pre-requesits and post installation steps.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Preethi Singh Thakur
    Oracle DBA

    • Pavan DBA said

      Hi Preethi,

      Thank you very much for your comment on my blog.

      Reg doc you asked for, I don’t have a specific doc for that. But, to upgrade to, you would be using applying patchset. That patchset contains README file which contains all the steps that need to be done for RAC env also. So, you can follow those steps and can complete the task.

      • Preethi Thakur said

        Hi Pavan,

        Thanks a lot but I have already gone through the README.txt file of the patchset.

        Even I have completed the Oracle upgradation from to on 2Node RAC Database.

        Any know looking forward for some useful inputs in your blog regarding RAC Performance Tuning Techniques.

        Preethi Singh Thakur

      • Pavan DBA said

        thats good to hear. will surely share some information regarding that

  51. anil said

    Hi Pavan,
    I have some doubts can you please clarify ?

    1)In Data Guard ,we can check log applying primary to standby in v$archived_log .what to do if log is not applying?
    2)what is command to check high cpu utilization other than top command in unix?


  52. Sarat Babu said

    Can you plz provide oracle 10g/11g DBA Hand Book or any link which i can download

  53. surendra babu said

    hi pavan sir,

    can u send me the step by step oracle 10g dataguard document for me?

  54. Ayub said

    Hi sir,i’m Ayub and i need information regarding any oracle freshers in hyd??

  55. venkatesh said

    may i know sir what are the rman new futures in 11g?

  56. surendra babu said

    hi sir,

    i m mca 2011 fresher and completed oca and preparing for ocp .

    can u tel how to get dba as a fresher?

    • Hi Surendra, getting a dba job as fresher is a little bit tough task. But its not impossible. Get the best knowledge by reading documentation and I believe once you are done with OCP, surely companies will show interest in taking you. so keep on trying……..

  57. Bhanu said

    Hi Pavan,

    If there is more ‘logfile sync’ on the instance then it is a symptom of sluggish I/O?

  58. venkatesh said

    thanks a lot sir for providing information .

  59. surendra ababu said

    hi sir,
    i want to do oracle certification. all r telling write 10g but i want to write 11g whichone best ?

    tell me exam procedure and center names?

  60. surendra babu said

    hi sir ,

    i created on table with 3 columns
    i entered data in two columns only
    i didnt enter any values in third column so what that third column contains null or empty?

    • it depends on how you inserted the data. if you have used space in 3rd column, then garbage value will be there or else a null value.
      to clarify, plz give me the insert statement you used.

      • surendra babu said

        hi sir,

        sql> create table sample(no number(5),name varchar2(20),address varchar2(20));

        sql> insert into sample(no,name) values(100,’sai’);

        sql> insert into sample(no,name) values(200,’sure’);

        i used the above statements for inserting so please tel me which value is there in third column?

      • Hi Surendra,

        as you are not inserting any value through insert statement, your table contains NULL value

  61. DurgaprasadPolaki said

    Hi sir Good evening,
    I durgaprasad completed mca in 2010 batch.My doubt is :CAN WE ENABLE UNDO&ROLLBACK IN ONE DATABASE?IF YES HOW,IF NO WHY?.Pls give me answer for this.

    • earlier till 8i, we used to have rollback segments. but those are replaced with undo tablespace from 9i. even though both stores old images, managing rollback segments involves more manual intervention from dba, whereas undo can be managed automatically. now answering to your question, we cannot have both rollback segments and undo tablespace enabled at the same time as oracle can detect only one place to store old images…..

  62. Hi Pavan,

    Your blog is very nice and informative. Thanks alot for your collection.

    And i am looking for some real time docs for streams replication..

  63. Sunil said

    Sir ,
    backup recovery book which one is best
    sam alapati or freeman?
    I just want to read 1 book
    which one you suggest

  64. Sarfraz haroon said

    Hii! Buddy,

    eu really doing the great job Man, as its fairly difficult to find all the relevant materials all at one place,i need your kind support too, recently i started taking up 10g classes on linux platform but the problem i am facing is, i am unable to prepare for ocp certification in parallel with that as i am still unaware of the paaterns and Questions and all…

    Plsss!!! mail the related dumps of 10g certification.
    yours thankfully
    Sarfraz Aaron.

  65. binod said

    sir .
    I am using oracle 9i in window xp. here I created two database nunu and neha ..presently am working on database named neha. now I want to jump on the database nunu..

    I have given a command in command prompt as follows : –

    cmd> set oracle-sid=nunu1

    cmd>sqlplus /nolog

    SQL*Plus: Release – production on wed Dec 15 23:09:48 2010
    copyright (c) 1982,2002,oracle corporation. All right reserved.

    startup pfile = ‘C:\oracle\admin\nunu\pfile\init.ora’

    oracle instance started

    ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

    How can I solve this problem.plz help me

    • there could be some problem with pfile or service. check services.msc and try to start service for nunu. also check pfile if everything is fine.

    • also check your alert log file for more details of the problem

      • venkat said

        hi pavan,

        this is venkat, iam new for oracle DBA , presently am in job searching, so plz if u hav any real time scenarios ,plz forward to me.

      • th greatest advantage of dba is whatever you practise is the same wht u r gng to do in real time. hw good u practise, those many real time scenarios are there in ur pocket.
        ofcourse all the problems and solutions i posted in my blog are also real time

  66. kumar said

    pavan garu,

    i want oracle patching steps.

    • Hi ravi, when ever you download a patch from oracle support, it contains readme file which gives clear steps for installing a patch.
      normal patches we will install using Opatch and patch sets we will install software and upgrade database later.

  67. kiran said

    hi pavan
    this is kiran. can u do a favour for me
    Iam looking for oracle 11g dba student guide from oracle press. plz forward me if u hav.

  68. priyanka reddy said

    Hai Sir !

    Very nice cing of ur blog.Thanks for helping n in guiding all d cand’s to hire for MNC’s.I waz very much happy to c dis.Thank u very much.Can i have ur Personal Mail ID.I need to give my details n in future waz up i need to do.So i need ur lotssssssssss of help frm u.So pls,can i have ur ID.

    Thanks for ur Beautiful Blog………………

  69. Dinesh said


    Hope you are doing good. I need your help on the traning of oracle apps DBA. I am botany graduate with 7+ years IT experience.

    I am working as a oracle production support associate mostly into performance tuning and scripting activity.

    What will be the duration of the course. Which course is best to do. And what is the fees.

    Thank you.

  70. Munna said

    Hey pavan,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    Please let me know the book name for unix shell scripting.


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