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Oracle DBA in Hyderabad [5-9 yrs]

Posted by Pavan DBA on June 30, 2015

Oracle DBA Administrators
Roles and Responsibilities:

You will be involved in RCA preparation ,mentoring and up skilling DBAs ,contributing in technical initiatives and Installing, Configuring and troubleshooting RAC, Data guard and replication.

* Demonstrated knowledge in Oracle RDBMS architecture concepts.
* Usage of data dictionary views , Expert in database administration (undo, redo, space, memory management) .
* Expert in install, upgrade and patching.
* Expert in database performance tuning.
* Expert in troubleshooting issues , Advanced Backup and recovery using RMAN.
* Preparing and reviewing complex change plans , Expert in database performance tuning.
* Database performance tuning, Trouble shooting database issues, Basic SQL and PL/SQL knowledge.
* Good knowledge of Unix and shell scripting , Expertise in administering RAC/ASM OR Data guard, Handling database Corruption issues.
* Implementing Best practices Performing technical deep derive.
* RCA preparation , Mentoring and up skilling DBAs, Contributing in technical initiatives.
* Oracle Certification (OCP,OCM, OCE) , Working Knowledge of 11g , Use of problem and change management tools, Installing, Configuring and troubleshooting RAC, Data guard, Replication.

Total years of Experience:
* 5 to 9 years.

* Bachelor’s Degree
* At least 5 years experience in Basic SQL and PL/SQL knowledge
* At least 4 years experience in General DBA Admin Skills
* At least 4 years experience in Performance Tuning
* English: Fluent

If you are interested, Kindly share your updated CV to the following details
Total Experience :
Rel Experience :
Current CTC :
Expected CTC
Notice Period :
DOB and Marital Status :
Highest Qualification and Year of Passing
Current and Pref Location :

Waiting for your earliest reply.
Thanks and Regards,
Sr.Executive-Talent Acquisition Group
Consus iTechnologies (P) Ltd
Contact No:0124 – 44633451 |

2 Responses to “Oracle DBA in Hyderabad [5-9 yrs]”

  1. lingaiah said

    IBM INTERVIEW QUESTIONS?( date:27/06/15)

    1) How to install patches? And what are pre-requsites?
    2) How to upgrade to AND to and to
    3) How to take the bkp of oracle_home and oracle_inventory?
    4) What is ocr & voting disk?
    5) How to take backup of ocr and voting?
    6) Which one take backup if ocr and voting disk?
    7) Suppose lose ocr what happen and voting lose what happen/
    8) What is scan? What is its major purpose?
    9) For database how many scan ips using?
    10) In DG setup we mention stdby_file_management=auto for what purspose?
    11) How to know the version of os and version of dbase?
    12) How to know the CPU usage?
    13) How to find dabase size exactly?


    1) What is the diff b/w full bkp and rman level 0 backup?
    2) Last Sunday Rman incremental level 0 backup- then next day incremental level 1 bkp?
    This Sunday Rman full backup- then incremental level 1 bkp? It considered from previous Sunday bkp to today? Or this Sunday bkp to today?
    3) How to know oracle s-id?
    4) What are RAC components?
    5) Did u know installation of rac?
    6) What is alert log and what is trace? Tell me the locations?
    7) How to check health of instance? What erros you are identified in alert log?
    8) Tell any 2 issues u are resolved?
    9) What is sga? I want to call it has shared global area or not?
    10) What is these awr and addm and all? Tell me about that?
    11) What are indexes? My table working fine so what is the necessity of indexes using in my table?
    12) What is Explain plan?
    13) Im losing a file it is also not in bkp? How to get?
    14) Diff b/w dg and RAC?
    15) I want to disable awr job so how?
    16) A query doesnot executed properly so where I need to check?
    17) Any erros u are found in alert log like ora-600,ora-740 etc
    18) When ever log switch occur not only manually issuing “alter system switch log file”?

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