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8 Responses to “User not able to login through OEM”

  1. raj said

    Hello sir ,
    I tried above solution regarding OEM but still can’t connect to database through EM , what to check now.

  2. Ram said

    Hi Pavan,

    Could you please let me know whether we use the Oracle Automatic SQL tuning in real time situations to tune a badly performing query. The Automatic SQL tuning has been evolved to considerable extent with Oracle 11g. Please also share any situation where you have used this feature in your work place. I’m interested to know the applicability of this feature because some of the DBAs will be the ones who have no prior experience as developer , I being one of them, who find it difficult when it comes to SQL tuning. Well, in a perfect world developer to senior developer to DBA is the ideal track. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Pavan DBA said

      hi, this feature is used only with tuning pack which requires extra license. till now whomever the clients I worked with didn’t have this option enabled, so I have not got chance to work on it. I worked only on sql tuning advisor

  3. Murthy>G said

    Hi Pavan ,Please help me how to configure OEM grid control or OEM12c with database

  4. muralidharan said

    Hai pavan,

    Can u please explain oracle database architecture cycle with diagram

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