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How to create database with different block size than 8kb with DBCA?

Posted by Pavan DBA on September 28, 2012

Just want to share some information on how to create a database with block size other than 8KB with DBCA. Usually when we try to create a database with DBCA, by default it will take block size as 8KB and it will not give us the option of changing it as shown below in the screenshot


so incase if we want to create with a different blocksize, what we need to do? solution is very simple, in the type of database screen (which is usually 3rd screen in DBCA) we need to select “CUSTOM DATABASE” option. Screenshot is below


After selecting “custom database” as shown above, if you proceed for further steps, then you will be seeing oracle will gives you the option to change the block size. screenshot below…


So, friends use this if at all you want to create a different block size database


8 Responses to “How to create database with different block size than 8kb with DBCA?”

  1. Jitendar Airneni said

    Weldone, was really helpfull when i needed.

  2. noneed said

    myrating: very poor

  3. Swapnik said

    Sir, Good one, But Already i know the parameter db_block_size and other parameters. Please I request you to go wilshire Mr. Madhu sir class, You will post many topics in your blog. Kindly go to his class dont mind. Who dont know the above options sir, please dont waste the space and your time Mr. Madhu teaches you more than anyone teaches you in the ameerpet not only in ameerpet anywhere in india.

  4. gouthamk10 said

    Hi Pavan
    i think 16k blocksize is not supported in small endians.16k and 32k are only supported in big endians.If i am correct.


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