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Oracle DBA [5+ yrs]

Posted by Pavan DBA on August 4, 2012

About Company

IPsoft is a global Managed Service Provider(MSP) supporting applications and infrastructure management needs globally for 1 in 20 Fortune 1000 companies

To optimize IT and eliminate manual processes through autonomic technologies. By automating the mundane chores, we allow human engineers to focus on higher-level tasks and innovations.

The infrastructure of tomorrow will not be managed by people, but by expert systems.

IPsoft”s technology is based on proactive, not reflexive, remediation. IPcenter v3, our state of the art management portal, is fully ITIL-v3 aligned and provides clients the same view as our engineers.

IPsoft is headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Bangalore, Chicago, Austin, San Jose and Kansas.

Job Description

Senior Oracle Database Administrators
* Develop optimal architecture for complex environments
o Dataguard
o Streams
* Assess impact on performance
* Review scalability
* Infrastructure Review
o Instance Strategy (best practices)
o Identify possible solution to minimize hardware requirements
o Identify possible solutions to improve supportability and
maintainability of environments – develop comprehensive testing
o Identify critical processes
o Develop automated testing scripts
o Implement Automated Testing as a standard part of any change
(new releases, patching)
o Utilize the library of existing tests developed by Oracle
o Performance load testing
* 5+ years of experience with the Oracle Database.
* BA/BS in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience


2 Responses to “Oracle DBA [5+ yrs]”

  1. venkat said


    I am installing oracle 11g R2 on red hat linux 5.3

    When I start install, I get the following errors:

    error in invoking target ‘nmo’ of makefile’

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