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Oracle DBA [exp not mentioned] for Mahindra Satyam

Posted by Pavan DBA on April 25, 2012

CLIENT:Mahindra SATYAM Position:Permanent Location:HYDERABAD
Project for Scotia

Candidates should have proper Documents and Form16′ and Bankstatements to apply for this position and need to be flexible
joining in  15-25days or Immediate if required.

‘Here are the skills we are looking for. HYD  location

Candidate must have strong working knowledge of the following Oracle components covering Oracle version 10g and 11g:
* General operation of an Oracle RDBMS and its components.
* Oracle RAC.
* Data Guard.
* Performance tuning skills.
* Proficient in supporting Oracle in the UNIX, Windows and LINUX operating systems.

In all of these cases, the individual is expected to:
* Understand the concepts and be able to implement these core software features.
* Have the ability to install and configure these features and problem solve errors with the correct and normal operation of these features.
* Perform general technical trouble shooting to assist with production support issues.
* Adhere to Scotiabank Audit and Compliance, Change Control and DBA Best Practices.
* Be familiar with Oracle performance tables and tools in order to assist with performance investigations.

Our environment is 95% Sun Solaris (SPARC and x86). Remaining installations deployed in Windows and OEL & RedHat Linux.

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