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Script to identify users generating more redo

Posted by Pavan DBA on February 7, 2012

Many a times we would need to know the users who are causing more redo generation. Hope the following script will help us from now onwards

col machine for a15 
col username for a10 
col redo_MB for 999G990 heading “Redo |Size MB”
column sid_serial for a13; 

select b.inst_id,  
       lpad((b.SID || ‘,’ || lpad(b.serial#,5)),11) sid_serial,  
from (select n.inst_id, sid,  
             round(value/1024/1024) redo_mb 
        from gv$statname n, gv$sesstat s 
        where n.inst_id=s.inst_id 
              and = ‘redo size’
              and s.statistic# = n.statistic# 
        order by value desc
     ) a, 
     gv$session b 
where b.inst_id=a.inst_id  and a.sid = b.sid  and   rownum <= 10  and b.username is not null;

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