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which process starts first when instance is started?

Posted by Pavan DBA on October 16, 2011

Long time back, I asked this question in my POLL and many of the DBA enthus choosed the option of SMON

But unfortunately, this is not the right answer (when considering 10g)

The first process that will be started when we start instance is PSP process. This is called PROCESS SPAWNER.  This process is introduced in 10g and is responsible for creating and managing other oracle backgroung processes.

As the name specifies, this process can spawn so that you will see the process name as PSP0 in alert log file.

More about PSP0 will be followed in my next article…..

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11 Responses to “which process starts first when instance is started?”

  1. Naresh kumar bapanapalli said

    Hi Pavan sir ,

    Plase clarify me which background process starts first when database started ,, i fould below list when database started .

    PMON started with pid=2, OS id=44433556 — >
    PSP0 started with pid=3, OS id=40304746 — >
    MMAN started with pid=4, OS id=51052712
    DBW0 started with pid=5, OS id=55443600
    DBW1 started with pid=6, OS id=25952302
    DBW2 started with pid=7, OS id=53280906
    DBW3 started with pid=8, OS id=61472822
    LGWR started with pid=9, OS id=56819938
    CKPT started with pid=10, OS id=23330906
    SMON started with pid=11, OS id=328184
    RECO started with pid=12, OS id=59965540
    CJQ0 started with pid=13, OS id=38928542
    MMON started with pid=14, OS id=57671706

    Best regards,
    Naresh .

  2. Sheetal k said

    Hi pavan,
    Thanks for providing such as
    informations please
    try to post more………..

  3. Dharmendra said

    nice……… dude

  4. […] by Pavan Kumar on October 17, 2011 Yesterday in one post ( I explained about PSP0 process which is introduced in […]

  5. Ashima said

    Hi Pavan,

    Thanks for such an informative article.

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