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proactive Vs reactive tuning

Posted by Pavan DBA on August 23, 2010

Long back i posted a poll asking my friends, which type of tuning they will prefer…and to my expectation, almost 90% said Proactive tuning…

I doubt (or atleast not sure) if working DBA’s who polled for “proactive tuning” really follow the same in their work because Tuning is one area which DBA’s are afraid off (but ofcourse some people enjoy it 🙂 )

The answer for the poll is reactive tuning on major, but yes sometimes we do proactive tuning

Now, each kind of tuning is having its own advantages and disadvantages. In proactive tuning DBA need to concentrate or predict on future database problems which is very tough where as in reactive tuning, DBA should have good troubleshooting skills and should be a fast decision taker as sometimes PT problems dependent on client business.

So friends, conclusion is….DON’T TRY TO CHANGE WHICH IS ALREADY WORKING FINE by doing proactive tuning and DON’T BE SLOW when doing reactive tuning.

More articles are in pipeline on tuning methodologies….continue to watch this space….

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