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Votes went wrong & role of DBA in future

Posted by Pavan DBA on June 11, 2010

Hi Friends,

Long back i posted a voting query in my blog and thanks a ton for the response you had given.
But, unfortunately, max votes are posted for incorrect answer.

Let me present the same question with options here…

Which of the following DBA should have?
1) Responsibility of task
2) supporting application team while handling issues
3) provide solutions in cost effective way

I got Max votes for option 2 and to be frank, all are the answers for the question. But i posted this query to you to know out of these 3 which you feel the most important.

In my view, option 3 is the perfect answer…not accepting 😦 … oh! let me give you description.

We know in every version Oracle is brining automized features in database administraion. Many DBA’s asked me a simple question “what is the role of DBA in future if everything is automated?” or “whether DBA’s will have work or job to do if all are automated?

Now my only answer to this is….We need to grow from being a regular DBA to DBA who can be a Data Architect. Apart from this, there are many roles to play right from apps to fusion middleware.

The below two links from the great Don Burleson and Tom Kyte will explain in detail…

Hope this cleared some of your queries and if you still have, please post them through commenting… eagerly waiting to reply them 🙂

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