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How to block TOAD or other tools accessing database?

Posted by Pavan DBA on May 4, 2010

Many DBA’s got this requirement in the past and may be you will get in future.

One fine day, your client / Management asks you to block any connections to database from 3rd party tools like TOAD. In such case, you will start thinking how can i do that?

Please remember we don’t have any ready-made solution for this. but yes we do have a way i.e by creating a trigger

The below script is taken from

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER block_tools_from_prod
  v_prog sys.v_$session.program%TYPE;
  SELECT program INTO v_prog
    FROM sys.v_$session
    AND  audsid != 0  -- Don't Check SYS Connections
    AND  ROWNUM = 1;  -- Parallel processes will have the same AUDSID's
  IF UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%TOAD%' OR UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%T.O.A.D%' OR -- Toad
     UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%SQLNAV%' OR     -- SQL Navigator
     UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%PLSQLDEV%' OR -- PLSQL Developer
     UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%BUSOBJ%' OR   -- Business Objects
     UPPER(v_prog) LIKE '%EXCEL%'       -- MS-Excel plug-in
     RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(-20000, 'Development tools are not allowed here.');

The above script will block access to TOAD and other tools mentioned.

Note : If you rename TOAD.EXE to PAVAN.EXE (or some other name), this trigger will not work

So instead of trying to block those tools, try to concentrate on privileges assigned to use

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