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steps to recover noarchivelog mode database

Posted by Pavan DBA on March 8, 2010

Below are the steps to perform noarchive log mode database recovery.

I am assuming a datafile or some datafiles are missing and you have a full database cold backup

  1. shutdown immediate;
    # this you need to do if database is not already shutdown
  2. copy all the files (datafiles,redolog files and controlfiles)from backup to original location
    # this is called restoration
  3. startup the database

Note: as we are restoring old backup, there will be data loss and how much data is lost depends on how recent your backup is

5 Responses to “steps to recover noarchivelog mode database”

  1. Pavan said

    This is really useful for starter.

    Go Good.

  2. pratap said

    The Information was very helpfull,short and simple
    more over easy to understand.
    please post some more documentation or pdf regards to backup and recovery.
    like suppose once u get Interview call…if u say those point it shold be more than enough .
    Pavan i wud request to post the material

  3. Rami said

    we have media failure
    I have a copy of oradata and oraclehome itself
    I install the same version on another pc oracle 10g
    i make the same user schema is this method you mention will work with me.
    Thank you in advance.

    • in your case, you can proceed like this

      1) install oracle software on another machine (don’t create any database – for this you need to select “install software only” option in OUI screen)
      2) copy all the files as mentioned in step 2 of post (you told you have oradata backup – does it contains redolog and control files also?)
      3) if you have backup of pfile or spfile, you need to copy it. if not create new pfile and enter all mandatory parameters like db_name, instance_name etc. then startup your database. it should be fine working

      Note: above all, i recommend to place database in archivelog mode

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